METIBLA is a one-man project set up in 2003 by video maker Riccardo Ponis (author, among others, of music videos for bands, such as KARDIA, INFERNO, V FISIK HALL OF SHAME) who, basking in his existential sadness and in the signs of a sociopathy that would worsen in the years to come, creates compositions that are hard to define.
For sure his music is sad, as shown in the five songs featured in the self-produced debut mini album “PARAPHERNALIA” (2006).
His faithful friend Paolo Alvano, a former member of KARDIA and great lover of “beautiful things”, is fascinated by Riccardo’s compositions and decides to help him realize, if that’s even possible, sadder music.
He then begins to collaborate with him, pushing him into recording his songs in a proper studio.
During the recording session of “Hell Holes” at Hombre Lobo Studio in Rome, V Fisik, another lover of “beautiful things” as well (guitarist and producer of many well-known bands of Rome’s underground music) joins the band as the drummer.
In 2011 “Hell Holes”, METIBLA’s first full length album, was finally released and got positive feedback from both fans and music critics.
Project METIBLA thus becomes a remarkable band, performing in live gigs and being opening act for great bands such as THERAPY?.
The song “Victory” has been selected as BGM for a video game called NOT EQUAL ( and several other tracks from “Hell Holes” have been included in the soundtrack of a documentary about Asperger’s Syndrome called “Lo sguardo degli Aspie” (directed by Giuseppe Cacace), as well as in the OST of a horror short movie called “Hop-frog” by Rosso Fiorentino.
In 2013, Metibla is back in the studio to record the second album “Crimson Within”, a concept album inspired by the writings and creations of Riccardo Ponis’ father.
“Crimson Within” will be released on November 28th, 2014.